Meet Our Horses












Choco is a standard black Shetland, is 20 years old and he’s worth his weight in gold. We all love this little chap to bits.

Choco is very small and therefore very suitable for tiny tots and up to 5 year-olds.

He has a calm temperament and gets his name because most of the time he is brown and not black!











Tinkerbell is a beautiful 7year old miniature Shetland. She’s very cheeky but absolutely adorable.  

Suitable for tiny tots and up to 5 year-olds.











Barton Grey “Maisie” is a 16.1hh thoroughbred ex race horse!

She will cater for the more experienced riders interested in dressage and fun but safe hacks!

She’s a lovely sweet girl and really enjoys her work!   She is a forward going ride and likes a job to do but is safe and sensible.











Saffi is currently on maternity leave and due to come back to work later on in 2020

She’s a very sweet welsh section D and is 15.hh
She will suit any level of rider from novice to more advanced!